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Steve is a marketing expert, having skipped multiple years in high school he quickly understood that education in world of business happens in the field. To follow his ambition, he left his home country of Wales at the age of 17.

Steve has started and directed multiple businesses in Spain, Indonesia and Thailand. Growing from the ground up, he has moved from marketing manager to directing hotels, resorts and leisure companies and successfully led in the strategic sale of 3 luxury resorts.

Steve started trading Forex at the age of 16 with pinpoint accuracy and was quickly regarded as someone to follow socially, as such he has been involved in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency since the very early days, which led him to become involved with the startup and advisory role at Ducatus Coin, soon to be released on all platforms, being responsible for a.o. tech protection for the United States government. Next to that, Steve has set up and consults over 50,000 people through private Facebook channels with all areas of crypto and blockchain related inquiries, and trade calls.

His experience and understanding of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency space is hard to match. On an earlier return to the UK, Steve setup a successful online lead generation business. After meeting his Vietnamese (now) wife, a return to South East Asia was just a matter of time, where he became Sales and Marketing Advisor for a successful travel and cruise operator.

Proven skills in marketing , digital marketing, web development and his passion and extensive experience in the travel sector led him to Concierge Coin and the decentralized travel application for which Steve already lined up a good number of investors, a huge clientele and over 4000 participating hotels, resorts and other travel providers. As well he is Concierge Coin’s lead web developer on the project, building all community sites for travel and trading.