Why Asia is at the heart of the travel industry’s future

There’s no doubt that the travel industry is undergoing a revolution. Technology, marketing, user experience and digital advances are transforming an industry that is adapting to customers’ changing attitudes. And Asia is central to this revolution. In fact, there are many reasons to think that Southeast Asia will form the [...]

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NEO blockchain and why it could be the strongest cryptocurrency this year

More and more people are becoming interested in the world of cryptocurrency. People are looking to invest as they see early investors benefitting from their foray into the sector thanks to the current upward trend. Many investors and traders are now switching attention to NEO, with its expanding ecosystem and [...]

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Steven Hipwell on the ground-breaking potential of blockchain for the hospitality industry

Blockchain technology has evolved from solely being associated with cryptocurrencies. Recently there have been lots of high-profile thought leaders across all kinds of business sectors extolling the virtues of blockchain and the changes it can bring. From media favourites like Elon Musk to industry specific experts such as the chairman [...]

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Using blockchain to build trust in the travel industry

At Concierge.io, we know that blockchain technology is the future of the online travel industry. We’ve created an offering that is simple to use, easy to navigate and understand, and operates in a fair way. Our platform seamlessly links hotels, tour operators, property exchanges and the customer. The focus for [...]

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