Using blockchain to build trust in the travel industry

At, we know that blockchain technology is the future of the online travel industry. We’ve created an offering that is simple to use, easy to navigate and understand, and operates in a fair way.

Our platform seamlessly links hotels, tour operators, property exchanges and the customer. The focus for is to improve everything that’s already on offer, eliminate problems with accessibility and lower the cost.

Blockchain makes us different

We’ve built our online travel platform on the NEO blockchain and decentralised engine. While we have plenty of work going on behind the scenes including controlling systematic errors that are common with current systems, all the consumer will see is a simple UI, lower prices and a trustworthy marketplace.

We’re the future of a market that’s been struggling to retain consumer trust, thanks to the stranglehold of five major conglomerates and broken booking systems that can be easily corrupted.

Bringing the millennials back

The generation described as ‘millennials’ usually refers to people aged between 21 and 35. They’re the fastest growing demographic and they’re spending huge amounts of money across every consumer-facing market.

While retail platforms, PropTech, and the luxury goods market are cashing in on this market, travel has been lagging. This is despite the fact that millennials match retirees as a major travelling demographic.

Few real choices

Right now, the travel industry is dominated by just five major conglomerates, leading to the inevitable centralisation of processes. This simply results in higher prices and fewer choice in real terms for consumers.

Trip planning online is fraught with mistrust, thanks to booking sites that are negatively impacted by old-school monetisation models and their centralised control. It’s also become clear to consumers that these websites contain ranking algorithms that can easily be manipulated, and therefore provide fake recommendations. Many traditional booking sites also charge massively high rates to clients and transfer these costs to clients.

Millennials understand technology and want actual experiential travel recommendations. They want to know that they’re getting real advice from real people and paying the best price.

Disrupting the norm

These strangleholds are leaving the market open for disrupters like We’re aiming to give people what they really want, and we’re talking directly to the people.

We collectively have many years’ experience in the travel industry, and alongside this a thorough understanding of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. By putting it all together, were offering a truly decentralised network and personalised travel options.

Shifting demand

We’re on top of the shifting demand in the travel industry, and as younger people move away from huge corporations, we can offer a personal touch along with slick systems.

By using blockchain solutions, we’re matching important trends. Many consumers share their travel experiences on social media and we can see that their loyalty lies with companies that offer tangible rewards. Blockchain and Distributed Ledged Technology (DLT) is ideally positioned to work with these developments.

Improving the travel experience

Travel is much more than just booking a flight and hotel. By offering new ways to open up all steps of the process, blockchain can give a more complete and interactive consumer experience.

This holistic approach is more palatable for millennials who repeatedly report scrolling through different websites before making a final travel decision. A lack of biased content and accessibility to relevant information will ensure a better end result for the consumer.

This builds trust and is evangelised organically through social media, leading to effective communication with a vast swathe of the available demographic. Our aim is to not only replace the existing way of booking travel, but also to add value to the service offering in a more personal way.

Disruption and innovation

We know that there are plenty of blockchain sceptics out there, but we also know we can capture the millennial market with By removing barriers and biased content, and allowing access to the information they want, a growing user base is encouraged.

By removing risks such as overbooking, being forced into handing over personal data, we’re taking major steps in an industry that’s ready for change. Blockchain also allows consumers to make real-time payments through streamlined process, and to avoid extraneous fees.

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